Episode 196

Helen Gordon -- Strange Bible Stories You Never Heard Of.

Timeless Voyager Radio -- "Strange Bible Stories You Never Heard Of" interview in 1990 to the dismay of audiences every where the program was aired. Author and speaker, Helen Gordon (with her trusty Bible in hand) shocked listeners with the unfamiliar stories from the books of four different Bibles in order to show that she was not "cherry picking" these unusual tales that most religious students are unaware of.

Even though the book she authored was either never published or is still waiting for a publisher, Helen agreed to come on the program and be scrutinized by Bruce Stephen Holms, host of Timeless Voyager Radio. Holms was insightful without malice as he asked question after question of Gordon who answered every query with a calm demeanor along with the appropriate verse quote along with helpful comments.

NOTE: "Bible Thumpers" beware -- this is no "walk in the park" for devout religious fanatics. There is so much information taken from the direct Bible verses that adds valuable information to the existing dogma that anyone who regularly quotes the "good book" will be thankful they heard this interview.

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From 1987 through 1994 Timeless Voyager Radio was broadcast over 200+ radio stations world-wide in most top 50 radio markets in the US, Canada, and Short-Wave world-wide. Bruce Stephen Holms, the Timeless Voyager host started the radio program on KCSB 91.9 in Santa Barbara, CA in the fall of 1987.

It consisted of interviews with leading edge speakers in the fields of UFOs, Extraterrestial encounters, Alternative and Natural Health modalities, Channeling, Psychic Phenomena, Cryptozoology (Bigfoot/Sasquatch), Religio-Political, and Seers who explain The quest for Enlightenment.

What made Timeless Voyager Radio different was the program was broadcast at 9 am Monday morning “drive time” instead of the usual late night hours that was reserved for “para-normal” programs. It was launched from a college radio station in 1987 and by 1990 Timeless Voyager Radio was enjoyed by listeners of commercial radio stations in the US and in most parts of the world over short wave radio until it was retired from live broadcasting in late 1994 .

Now you can enjoy the library of over 200 remastered programs in podcast format on demand. And soon there will be new programs issued.