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"Father of Ufology", George Adamski-photos and movies from 1949-1965 NEVER DEBUNKED

In this Circa 1990 interview with UFOlogist Glenn Steckling on Timeless Voyager Radio, Bruce Stephen Holms asks many questions regarding the relationship between Glenn’s dad, Fred Steckling and George Adamski. Many regard George Adamski as the “Father” of UFOlogy. It was George Adamski who from 1949-1965 took 16mm movies and B/W photographs of UFOs that he encountered. (See Note below)

Glenn Steckling has assumed the responsibilities of his family’s work in the field of UFO and ET research since his father, Mr. Fred Steckling, passed away in 1991. This knowledge represents years of personal experiences and collective data. Now armed with first hand sightings, he continues to present the materials discovered and bequeathed his family spanning over 60 years. Mr. Steckling’s latest revision to his Father’s book, Alien Bases on the Moon , now Alien Bases on the Moon II , contains a combination of over 100 NASA photographs challenging the continued myth behind the ‘Dead Moon’ and inhospitable planet theories, and exposes the increasing possibility of extraterrestrial activity there. 

Due to this history and his participation through Adamski & his parents, Glenn Steckling’s involvement with the UFO subject spans nearly his entire lifetime as well. He has spoken in numerous countries and events; continuing to voice his concerns regarding the imbalances from both within and without the UFO community contributing to an ever increasingly distorted perceptions plaguing this subject. 

Glenn Steckling is a professional pilot, with 30 years’ experience and more than 18,000 hours of flight time. He has had his own unique UFO experiences and is resolute about the importance in preserving and educating the public regarding accurate historical records and scientific facts, including the significance of the Adamski legacy.

NOTE: A number of researchers have denounced Adamski’s famous ‘Scoutcraft’ as a crude fake, with descriptions of ‘model’ used to cover a wide range of utensils: ‘lampshade’, operating theatre lamp’, ‘saucepan lid with ping pong balls’, tobacco humidor’, chicken feeder’, chick brooder (Prof. Menzel), ‘top of canister-type vacuum cleaner, and ‘bottle cooler’. In the later example, (GAF: as is so often the case after ridiculous accusation are made and intentional damage is circulated) the actual designer, Mr. Frank Nicholson, heard the false misrepresentation and came forward explaining that he had modeled the bottle cooler years AFTER the Adamski photos were published. 

TO THIS DAY, NO ONE has produced any utensil or model which, when photographed, resembles ‘proportionately’ the real craft photographed. Adamski offered $2000 in 1950s Dollars, which was a substantial sum then, to anyone who could prove his photos as fakes …. (GAF: While over the years, there have been many who have shot off wild accusation, without any verifiable substance), there otherwise has been no takers with any credibility scientific evidence proving the Adamski photos to be otherwise then what they really are – photographs of 3 dimensional aerial space crafts.

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