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Dr. Frank E. Stranges -- The Star of Bethlehem was (according to ancient records) probably a UFO!

1990 interview with Pastor/UFOlogist, Dr. Frank E. Stranges explaining the misinterpretations of the biblical story of the “Star of Bethlehem”. He tells Bruce Stephen Holms, host of Timeless Voyager Radio that according to ancient books that he quotes from on the program, it was probably a craft that led the Magi and even King Herod to look for Jesus - not a star or the conjunction of planets - because it moved by day and by night.  

As the author tells it, some UFOs are gifts from God, angelic visitations sent to improve the lot of humankind. The Bible, he said, records many UFOs--if one is willing to interpret the Scriptures. In the Book of Ezekiel the prophet described a flying disc that came from the north ("a wheel within a wheel") and hovered over the land. The color was metallic, he said. And although some translations of the Bible describe the "eyes" of the apparition, a correct interpretation shows that Ezekiel likened these openings to "windows." This "wheel" was no mere vision, Dr. Stranges said. It was real. 

When the Jews fleeing Egypt roamed the desert for 40 years, a UFO described as a pillar of fire warmed the multitudes at night with its glow. "Above them was this giant pillar of fire ," Stranges said. "This was not a natural phenomenon, this huge spaceship God provided in the wilderness."  

NOTE: It is interesting to note that the program does not to intend to criticize the biblical account of this stellar event, but rather to confirm that with our knowledge of planets and stars today, the concept of an aircraft much like a UFO is highly plausible.

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