Episode 109

Dale Pond -- the incredible work of John Keely -- Sympathetic Vibratory Physics wherein we can now know how Mind works in and through Matter to create our life experiences as well as engineering world changing technologies.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) incorporates many basic principles, elements or sub-systems. Some of these are new (to us) and many are well known sometimes by a different name. In this Timeless Voyager Series (circa 1996), host, Bruce Stephen Holms interviews Dale Pond.

Pond explains Sympathetic Vibratory Physics: The Spiritual Science of John Keely. Dale discusses how, for more than 30 years, he has investigated the natural and spiritual science of John Keely. This has resulted in a comprehensive and cohesive paradigm spanning the Mind & Spirit realm to the material and these -- to orthodox science. According to Pond, Keely hid* his own work, however the robber Barons "fenced Him in so that he could not get into the market". Later Keely died when he was mysteriously pushed under a street car from the injuries he sustained.

Pond has extensive knowledge and expertise in many fields including various fields of science, metaphysics and business. These and more have been employed to rediscover and redevelop the Spiritual Science called Sympathetic Vibratory Physics wherein we can now know how Mind works in and through Matter to create our life experiences as well as engineering world changing technologies.

According to Pond, Free Energy Devices cannot work without the "cooperation" of the material and spiritual worlds. This is one of the reasons why there are no Free Energy Devices on the market. Over and above 100% unity is possible and has been demonstrated many times by others - but are being suppressed by various dark forces. These and other types of devices will not work without the Physics of Sympathetic Vibration.

Note: *"These instruments are carefully concealed by wise masters from all persons save the few who are already prepared to study their potency with the exclusive end in view of aiding the real scientific progress of humanity; and, furthermore, it may be truly stated that a ferocious sensualist, however powerful his intellect, would be utterly unable to either comprehend or operate one of these marvelous constructions." [Keely, See Dashed Against the Rock]

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