Episode 152

C. L. Turnage -- What is God’s true extraterrestrial identity?

Timeless Voyager Radio (circa 1994) interviews author/speaker C.L.Turnage, The Holy Bible Is An Extraterrestrial Transmission, War In Heaven, ETs Are On The Moon and Mars, Sexual Encounters With Extraterrestrials. Host, Bruce Stephen Holms elects to devote the entire show to Turnage’s book, The Holy Bible Is An Extraterrestrial Transmission because it seems to have the basic premise of the next three books at its core. This interview moves really fast and covers a “ton” of information for anyone interested in the apparent Bible coverup.

What is God’s true extraterrestrial identity? What the Bible Code suggests about the “end times”. The truth about planet “X” (Niburu). Is 2060 the date of the return of Marduk? Is heaven actually a planet according to the Bible? Who is Nanna-Sin? Does the Menorah symbolize God’s “zone of flight”? Evidence that the earth is secretly populated with ETs. Learn the “Sacred Symbols”. Nemesis, the Death Star, Planet “X” revealed.

C.L.Turnage has studied over 300 translations of Ancient Mesopotamian and Vedic, Hebrew, and Greek scriptures, Egyptian Writings, and extra-biblical books such as “Enoch the Prophet”. She has appeared in hundreds of radio (Art Bell), TV (Strange Universe), magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and periodicals.

WARNING: Religious zealots, Christians, and most standard worshippers of the King James Version of the Bible may want to avoid listening to this possibly disturbing interview.

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From 1987 through 1994 Timeless Voyager Radio was broadcast over 200+ radio stations world-wide in most top 50 radio markets in the US, Canada, and Short-Wave world-wide. Bruce Stephen Holms, the Timeless Voyager host started the radio program on KCSB 91.9 in Santa Barbara, CA in the fall of 1987.

It consisted of interviews with leading edge speakers in the fields of UFOs, Extraterrestial encounters, Alternative and Natural Health modalities, Channeling, Psychic Phenomena, Cryptozoology (Bigfoot/Sasquatch), Religio-Political, and Seers who explain The quest for Enlightenment.

What made Timeless Voyager Radio different was the program was broadcast at 9 am Monday morning “drive time” instead of the usual late night hours that was reserved for “para-normal” programs. It was launched from a college radio station in 1987 and by 1990 Timeless Voyager Radio was enjoyed by listeners of commercial radio stations in the US and in most parts of the world over short wave radio until it was retired from live broadcasting in late 1994 .

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