Episode 122

Alex Collier -- possible manipulation of time that may have occurred 1931 - 1947

In November 1995 Bruce Stephen Holms called Alex Collier and asked him questions about the possible manipulation of time that may have occurred circa 1947. The following interview was never aired because of commercial radio time constraints and the controversial topics that were covered during this dialogue between Alex and Bruce. 

With the advent of the Timeless Voyager Radio Series Podcast the time was right to offer this non-edited telephone call to the general public for consumption. Below is little bit about Alex Collier from his website for those not familiar with this incredible Andromedon contactee

According to Collier, the Andromedans have not only contacted him multiple times, but he has met two of them in person. He says that they have told him about the origin of our world and of our kind. The Andromedans have told Alex that the Earth comes from a black hole. Stephen Hawking released research claiming that black holes are emitting information rather than destroying everything. This is definitely interesting and would back up Collier’s black hole theory. 

Collier also believes that extraterrestrials are trying to start a galactic war and want control over the human race. In this Timeless Voyager interview, Bruce Stephen Holms asks Alex Collier many questions regarding his claims about the possible galactic war and control of the “earth” humans.

WARNING: There are many controversial subjects discussed in this hour long dialog including many references to the authenticity of Christianity and religion in general, government coverups, time-space manipulation since 1931, Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia... so much more.

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