Episode 293

#293-Beyond the Ordinary: Maitreya, Jesus, ETs, UFOs, Dark Matter, more

#293- Felicity Eliot, Chief Editor of Share International magazine based in Amsterdam explains that "The Christians expect the Second Coming of Christ, the Jews expect the coming Messiah, the Buddhists await the 5th Buddha (Maitreya), and some Muslims await the Imam Mahdi. Maitreya is the personal name of the World Teacher and His return fulfills the prophecy of these religions of the coming of a great teacher for all humanity. Maitreya served as the World Teacher for the Age of Pisces and will continue in that position for the duration of the Aquarian Age, which the world has now entered. He works with many equally divine Beings known as the Master of Wisdom. Together, They will openly teach and guide humanity as the unifying and beneficent energies of Aquarius continue to grow."

NOTE: There is an incredible photo presented where a doctor from Nicaragua came to the United States to study. He prayed to Jesus for help with his final exam — on surgery. A photograph was taken in the operating room, and when developed showed the figure of Jesus in the center, between the doctor on the right and the anesthesiologist on the left. Note: Jesus’s hand on the doctor’s shoulder.

NOTE 2 From Felicity Eliot: Humanity is in crisis on its way to a brilliant new future. But before we get there, we’re all going through a testing time -- I’m sure most sensitive people are experiencing this as society seems to become increasingly extreme and polarized. We must all ask ourselves where we stand: either ready to go forward working cooperatively to solve the world’s problems or to hold on to the past, continue to allow greed, competition and complacency to rule and ruin our lives and those of others.

America has a great destiny – its divinely determined goal is to be and to take the next step in human evolution – in terms of consciousness. The aim and expectation is that, out of the US as it is at present, will emerge the new human being who is not only capable of thought but can go beyond thought to a higher state of consciousness, that of the intuition – insight, knowing that comes directly from the soul.

The new type of person developing already now in the States will be motivated by a direct experience of themselves as spiritual beings, souls in incarnation, here to serve and help to further our planet and the well-being of all life streams. The basis for this intuitive race is the blossoming of a higher state of consciousness and its use and application in everyday life. Love, wisdom, joy, goodwill will be put into practical and practicable forms and ideas – no longer simply ‘believed in’ as theory, ideal or dogma but a lived reality.

Right now, there is a battle going on in the US between its great compassionate loving soul aspect and its young, brash, domineering personality. Countries, just like people, have a soul and a personality. According to Benjamin Creme and his Master the world is waiting for America to allow its soul to come forward and guide its competitive personality. The people of the United States sense that they have a role to play in the world; at present they misinterpret this as meaning the US should be the dominant force in the world. At the same time millions of Americans long for harmony, practical goodwill, cooperation and a sense of oneness. Millions of young Americans long for a better world of unity and respect for all, and for our poor suffering planet. 

Greed and commercialization has the world in its grip but with the inspiration and guidance of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom all countries and the international community will grow to realize we are all one interconnected being. The appeal Maitreya makes to us is to eschew competition and the worst excesses of commercialization and gross materialism and choose for the highest best in all – that which will benefit all and allow every human and all life to thrive.

There are forces of chaos and materiality in the States, as there are throughout the world, and their extreme greed, lust for power of the minds of the people is holding back the American soul. I urge everyone everywhere to choose for life. Maitreya has said “Take your brother’s need as the measure for your action and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course.” 

When people join together to demand justice, fairness, the rule of law, love in action in all walks of life nothing will be able to stop them. Throughout the world those who long for a fairer world, where all can contribute and be themselves simply and honestly, will increasingly work together to make that new civilization worthy of the divine beings we all are.

Felicity Eliot 8-10-23

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